Introduction DORA Software Single User packages

Single User

This basic package contains the methodology Quick Maintenance. This is used to develop maintenance plans for low critical systems.

QM uses RCM Thoughtware. So if you understand RCM, Quick Maintenance is easy to use.

The added value of this package is, that you are able to

  • import > optimize > export existing maintenance plans
  • start a completely new maintenance concept and nest it into a maintenance plan and export it to excel.

A user friendly manual is available in the software. And when you order, our helpdesk will Skype with you, until you are able to work with the software. It will take up to 30 minutes of Skype, to fully understand all the available functionalities in the DORA Software Single User Package.

Single User Pro

The Pro package contains three methodologies:

  • RCM for high critical systems
  • ODM for mow critical systems
  • QM for low critical systems

Both packages are web based. Online training materials are included. Optional training is available.

Both packages can import – optimise – export and report.

Users are facilitated by DORA to develop high quality maintenance plans for high – medium – low critical assets.

Please contact us for more details.

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