Weibull calculations integrated in DORA Software.

Until December 2019, DORA Software offered three methodologies, in order to develop maintenance concepts.

  • Reliability-centred Maintenance
  • Object driven Maintenance
  • Quick Maintenance.

These maintenance concepts can be nested into maintenance plans and exported to update the maintenance program in your CMMS.

In the USA, Jesus Sifonte from PDM Tech USA, wrote a book on RCM-R. He developed the RCM-R training and now RCM-R is introduced in DORA Software too. Currently the DORA Software RCM-R module will only be available for North – Central – South America.

Weibull is a standard feature of RCM-R and it is used when high quality data is available. Weibull helps to make the best choice which type of maintenance tasks will be most effective.

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