Waste water

Everyone understands that wastewater has to be managed properly. It benefits the environment, but it certainly benefits the population because diseases are prevented.

Wastewater management contains a lot of technology nowadays. It must continue to function at all times. Major failures are unacceptable. Malfunctioning behaviour must remain fully under control. This can only be achieved with professional maintenance plans. And this is where DORA Software fits in.

With DORA Software, the entire failure behaviour is analysed. Defensible maintenance plans are developed on this basis. But failure behaviour is not static. Wastewater contains constantly changing quantities of different substances. This has an effect on failure behaviour. These dynamic environments require dynamic maintenance plans. You can’t do that with Excel. This requires databases and structured methodologies.

With DORA Software, these professionals have a tool in their hands to make maintenance plans for high – medium – low critical systems.

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