DORA Software. The best online tool for RCM facilitators.

DORA is the best available industrial toolkit for maintenance and reliability engineers to develop & optimize maintenance plans and maintenance contracts for low-medium-high critical systems.

  • Online tool.
  • No setup costs.
  • No implementation cost.
  • No need for a live connection with your systems.
  • DORA software training included.
  • DORA is based on the International RCM standards. DORA users need to be RCM certified. For online and classical RCM training and certification, check


  • Traditional maintenance plans are often only connected to assets, costs, logistic procedures. Professional maintenance plans cover primarily the CURRENT FAILURE BEHAVIOR and secondary the cost places. That result is much more effective.
  • Maintenance must manage your current failure behavior. Because failure behavior is the root cause of cost – downtime – quality – efficiency – safety – environment.
  • To use DORA effectively, you need to have at least a basic understanding of RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance). Contact us for details.
  • DORA is a Dutch product. Owned and developed by European Reliability Centre (ERC) B.V. in The Netherlands, together with an expert team of the best reliability professionals of 16 international companies with production sites all over the world.

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    The benefits of DORA

    DORA uses worldwide RCM standards and terminology.
    2 Methodologies for low - medium - high critical assets. Choose the fast or thorough methodology.
    Maintains Maintenance Programs Professionally. Continuous improvement loops built in.
    Your protective devices will be professionally maintained to prevent high cost and risks.
    Reliable - Safe - Secure - User friendly - Standardised - Professional.
    Maximum efficiency is all about managing the consequenses of failure behaviour.




    The brains behind DORA Software

    DORA is an industrial toolkit for maintenance & reliability experts.

    It started in 1999. With an MS Excel form (DORA 1) which was upgraded to an MS Access database (DORA 2). Until Philips saw the light. They gave the opportunity to develop DORA 3.This version worked from April 2004 until January 2020.

    In 2014 the founder of DORA Software (Rik Plattel, Director @ European Reliability Centre) started to create an expert team of the best industrial experts in asset and reliability management. This team should optimise DORA 3 into DORA 4. With 16 industrial experts, the quality of maintenance programs in CMMS’s (SAP PM, Maximo, Infor, Hippo, JD Edwards, Ultimo and others) were analysed.

    Unanimously the team decided they needed a solution to develop much better professional maintenance plans which covers the ACTUAL FAILURE BEHAVIOUR. Almost all experts had existing maintenance programs that were only connected to assets and cost places and not to the failure behaviour of these assets. This was the result of limited functionalities of their CMMS’s and available software.

    This Expert Team decided Reliability-centred Maintenance (RCM) is by far the best available maintenance methodology in the world for High Critical Systems. A new methodology was needed for Low Critical Systems. And this new one should be based on the same RCM Thoughtware. It took the team 16 months to develop Quick Maintenance (QM). All of them are proud of the result. QM is by far better then any ordinairy solution to develop maintenance plans for low critical systems. The third solution became a mix of RCM and QM. It was called Object Driven Maintenance (ODM).

    DORA 4 is developed for production sites from 100+ employees up to 10.000+ employees. Costs is always an issue. But efficiency, quality, environment, health too. And most maintenance programs are not covering the ACTUAL FAILURE BEHAVIOUR. For these sites, DORA Software is able to you to create fantastic results.

    DORA 4 has implemented RCM-R too in 2019. This is a highly effective RCM dialect, used in North – Central – South America. It uses the Weibull calculations and it is able to develop maintenance plans for a wide variety of production processes.

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