Prices valid until 2023, September 1st.

FunctionalitiesSingle User QMSingle User ProMulti User QMMulti User ProEnterprise
HTML 5 browser functionalities
2FA login
QM (Quick Maintenance) methodology
RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance) methodology
Import / Export functionalities
PDF report
Failure reporting
Advanced backlog
Dynamic pareto’s
Data connection to other software, PLC, SCADA, OEE, PRS, Big Data
Data Mining
Process mining
Dedicated server
Dedicated database
Dedicated secure lines
Dedicated backups
1-year subscription€ 1.890€ 3.780€ 5.150€ 9.350Request
3-year subscription€ 3.780€ 7.560€ 10.300€ 18.700Request
Level 0 user license / yr€ 160
Level 1 user license / yr€ 370€ 370€ 370
Level 2 user license / yr€ 790€ 790€ 790

Upgrade costs are based on remaining time until end of active subscription.

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